Top Skateboard Type List — The Complete Guide 2022

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Have you ever wondered which top skateboard brands are the best? If so, you are certainly not alone. Of course, we don’t have a definitive answer to that either. However, based on 2022 data, we can tell you which skateboard brands are the most popular.

top skateboard type - complete guide 2022
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Whether you just want to cruise the streets, using your skateboard for transportation. Bombard towering hills or delve into the unique world of street skating. You may be wondering where to start when shopping for your first top skateboard. First of all, if you’re considering buying a skateboard, you won’t regret it – I promise!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of skateboards available, the components to consider when buying, and the best options for each.

Differences Skateboard Style From Famous Brands

Each top skateboard is designed to suit a specific style of skating. And although some of them – such as the B. Hybrid board – can be crossed in several ways, it is best to decide what style of skateboarding you want to follow and choose a board accordingly.

Getting a board cruising around town is nothing like a street board, they are different in almost every way. Three main types of boards are available, each with specific design features that make them ideal for their unique capabilities:

Street Skateboard

Top Street skateboard list have various type. Street boards are as thin and light as possible to make them slide and flip as easily as possible. They are the type of some other variants used on streets, parks and vertical ramps.

Street boards vary only slightly in width and length (they are typically 28-33 inches long and 7.5-8.5 inches wide). And they feature nose and tail kicks, a pronounced concave more pop and an almost symmetrical design.


If you’re looking for a plank for transportation. Or if you want to start bombing some big mountains, a longboard is for you. As the name suggests, these boards are much longer than skateboards, usually between 33 and 59 inches, and usually wider, between 9 and 10 inches.

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Hybrid Skateboards

Hybrid skateboards, also known as cruiser boards, are reminiscent of early street skating. They’re great for transporting and cruising, and are more stable than skateboards, so they’re a good start for beginners.

Hybrid boards are usually the same length as skateboards, but slightly wider, up to 10 inches. Hybrids also usually have a tail kick and a small nose kick, so you can accomplish some tricks, but they’re a bit heavier than skateboards.

If you’re a complete beginner, we recommend using the pre-built full set, whichever style you want to get into. That way you can hit the road right away, and as you get better and develop your style, you can adjust your settings accordingly.

Description of Top Street Skateboard

A complete skateboards consists of five basic components: the deck, usually made of maple, the truck, wheels, bearings, and hardware. As mentioned, these components are all slightly smaller in street skating to master grinding, sliding and flipping skills.

All of these components come in different grades, but the stronger the better, as they need to be able to withstand the hits encountered in street skating.

Top Skateboard Street Skate Brands

When it comes to skateboarding, there are some trusted brands that have stood the test of time and are the top skateboard picks for pro skaters. With the explosive growth of street skating over the past few decades, many reliable and trustworthy brands have emerged, but here are some of our favorites:

Element – Top Skateboard

Element was founded in 1992 and already has a lot of skins in the street skating competition. With its classic “Earth, Air, Fire, Water” logo embodying the company’s goal of creating art from the environment, the brand has grown into one of the most respected and well-known skateboarding brands in the world.

Element offers some of the best decks, including full decks as well as wheels and premium clothing. His team includes some of the biggest names in skateboarding, including Nyjah Huston, Bam Margera and Ethan Clements.

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Zero – Top Skateboard

Founded by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas. Zero Skateboards responded to the mediocrity of skateboarding at the time with the purest ethic of skateboarding. This board also included in

It started out as a clothing company and quickly grew into one of the most popular skateboard manufacturers. Focusing on the purest and roughest of skateboarding. The team is made up of some of the biggest names in skateboarding including Jamie Thomas himself, Chris Cole and Dane Burman.

Santa Cruz – Top Skateboard

An iconic name in the skate world. Santa Cruz has been a staple in the skate world since its inception. The company is the world’s oldest continuous skateboard brand. Producing iconic top skateboard, finishes and wheels. The team consists of drivers such as Steve Alba, Blake Johnson and Tom Asta.

Honorable mentions:

  • Blind Skateboard
  • Powell Peralta
  • flip skateboard
  • Chocolate Skateboard
  • girl skateboard

The Sims Skateboards – Top Skateboard

In 1975, Tom sold the first longboards in skateboarding history: SIMS 30″, 36″ and 48″ models. He followed with 40″ and 44″ longboards. For history buffs , which was 25 years before the modern longboard took off.

TOM SIMS: In the late ’70s, I was very busy getting snowboards off the ground, and in 1981 I licensed the Sims board to Brad Dorfman. At the time, we had the #1 team with Brad Bowman, Dave Andrecht, Steve Rocco and Todd Swank, Pierre Andre, Chris Strople, Wally Inouye and a lot of people who were very influential in skateboarding. Many of them are celebrities in the skate world. It was amazing what the players on my team and what they did in the board game world afterwards.

Completes – Top Skateboard

If you’re a complete beginner in the world of street skateboarding. We highly recommend starting from scratch with top skateboard. Completes boards are great because they can be shredded without using tape or assembling components that can be difficult for newbies.

However, some completes components are not assembled and you will need to assemble the components yourself. If you’re DIY oriented and want to dig deeper. The process isn’t difficult, and there are tons of videos to show you exactly how. It also gives a good introduction to all the different components and how they work together.