Summer Camp 2022 At Cobbs Creek Philly Parks

summer camp laura sims skate house

Summer Camp events are back at Cobbs Creek for the 2022 season! You can join this summer camp with your family. The Slogan for this summer camp activities “Ready, Set, Play“. Enjoy the event and hope you can satisfied.

Summer Camp 2022 Cobbs Creek

This activities event is placed in Cobbs Creek Leisure Center which is located at 280 Cobbs Creek Parkway Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 19139! This Recreation Center is part of the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation.

The place also have includes a gym, function rooms, classrooms, boxing ring, and an outdoor swimming pool. There is also a field with a trail that surrounds it.

The Cobbs Creek Recreation Center is situated near the intersection of Cobbs Creek Parkway and Spruce Street in the Cobbs Creek area of West Philadelphia.

Cobbs Creek also open for volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check. You can schedule an introductory meeting with one of the Rec Leaders to discuss availability, location and logistics.

For Details This facility is located between the Laura Sims Skate House (200 Cobbs Creek Parkway) and Cobbs Creek Community Neighborhood Center (700 Cobbs Creek Parkway)

About Summer Camp Cobbs Creek – Philadelphia Parks & Recreational

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation connects city dwellers with the outdoors, with each other, and with fun physical and social opportunities.

This place manages historic Philadelphia events and special venues and works with communities and organizations to lead capital projects and implement creative initiatives.

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Philadelphia’s large, diverse parks and recreation system has something for everyone. Here are some of the facilities and programs we are responsible for:

  • Over 300 community parks, recreation centers, and playgrounds
  • 166 miles of trails and 40 historic sites
  • 60 community gardens, farms, and orchards
  • 3 Environmental Education Centers
  • Over 600 baseball, softball, soccer, and soccer fields
  • 74 swimming pools
  • More than 400 basketball courts and more than 200 tennis courts
  • 5 ice skating rinks
  • 5 golf courses
  • 25 public data centers

Summer Camp 2022 Season

2022 Season Summer Camp include guide for maximum fun. Pick the dates you want to explore on our calendar and see what summer camps are available. Hundreds of local summer camps:

  • Day camp
  • Overnight Camp
  • Sports
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Technology
  • Robotics
  • Horseback Riding
  • Preschool, & more!

Question for summer camp season 2022? Call 215-685-1995 or contact Rec Leader Dan Teefy [email protected]