Sims Skateboards ABEC 3 The Best Ultimate Equip!

sims skate board 2022

Sims skateboards was founded in 1976 by skateboards champion Tim Sims. Their goal is to make the best skateboarding gear in the world. And continue to be an industry-leading pioneer brand.

Sims Skateboards Ultimate Equipment
Lonnie Toft and Marc Hollander Sims ad

Also Sims Skateboards was founded in Santa Barbara in 1975 by Tom Sims. We relaunched it at full speed in 2010 with a collection of vintage decks, scrolls and outfits.

Sims designs skateboards that are both functional and fun. If you’re looking for a vintage skateboards with a natural look and feel, look no further than The Sims.

The Complete Sims Skateboards is Perfect For Beginners

The Complete Sims Skateboards is pre-assembled and ready to ride. This skateboards perfect for beginners ready to learn. Their boards are made of sturdy and durable material. That will withstand the many splashes you will be exposed to for the first few months of riding! They can withstand even the toughest rides for advanced skaters who like to perform tricks and move fast.

Known for their unfinished wooden decks. Sims skateboards take a “less is more” approach. They let the wood do the talking instead of getting caught up in the bells and whistles that other brands fall victim to. Their complete skateboards come with decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and grip straps. Wheels and bearings are also made by Sims.

3 Kind Sims Skatedboards

The Sims Skateboard Wheels are designed for incredible speed and performance. You can drive on any surface, not flat. Their complete skateboards features ABEC 3 certified The Sims skateboards bearings. These bearings are perfect for amateurs riding for the first time. If ice skating is your hobby, The Sims has the perfect skate boards for you.

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Pressed in an original mold designed by Tom Sims in the 1970s. The legendary tapered kick is back and worse than ever.

When the deck developed by this team was released in 1978. Concrete parks and vertical progression required wider, stronger slabs. Tom saw this and delivered a plank that would only add fuel to the fire.

  • Board Width: 8”
  • Board Length: 29”
  • Wheel Base: 15”
  • Nose Length: 3”
  • Tail Length: 6 3/4”


The arrival of The Sims Skateboards Superply 9.0 in the summer of 1978 marked a very clear line between the past and the future of skating.

A precursor to the upcoming wave of “pig” shapes, the 9×30 size fits perfectly with the bionic air and technological advancements. That are pushing skateboards into uncharted territory. Today, it’s back in modern architecture with the same timeless bleakness.

  • Board Width: 9”
  • Board Length: 30”
  • Wheel Base: 15”
  • Nose Length: 3 7/8”
  • Tail Length: 6 7/8”

Pure Juice Longboard

State-of-the-art technology In 1976, the original 36-inch Sims were the performance longboards of their era. Sturdy Red Oak Platter – Steady at speed and heavy with a medium diamond tail.

Redesigned for today, this classic cruiser retains its original shape, length and signature red graphics, but with updated construction for modern riding.

  • Board Width: 8 3/8”
  • Board Length: 36”
  • Wheel Base: 21”
  • Nose Length: 3 3/4”
  • Tail Length: 7”

About Ps Stix

Professor Paul Schmitt is a skateboard guru and the creative force behind Ps Stix. No other board maker is better at redesigning and restoring these classic 1970s Sims shapes.

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Schmidt uses the same shape and hole pattern as the original design, with slight tweaks to improve ride performance and fidelity. We will continue to work with Schmitt as we develop the next series of reissue boards dating back to the early 1980s.

Conclusion Sims Skateboards

Sims has been making high performance skateboards for over 35 years. If you’re looking for a reliable brand that can take your driving to new heights, choose The Sims! Unfortunately, there are currently no Sims Skateboard products available for now.