Lucien Blackwell

In Memory of Lucian E Blackwell

Philadelphia City Council, U.S. Congress

Lucien E. Blackwell served as City Councilman for Third District for sixteen years, resigning in 1991 to run for U.S. Congress. As a City Councilman, he was determined and committed to his struggles for his constituents.

While in City Council, Lucien was a staunch advocate and supporter of Laura Sims and her quest to open an ice skating rink in West Philadelphia. Through his efforts, capital funding was obtained in 1976 to begin land acquisition and construction of the rink.

Completed in 1984 and opened February 1985 — it was named Cobbs Creek Skate House in the Park. The many diverse programs operating year-round for youth and adults are an outgrowth of his dedication to the establishment of the skate house.

The History Of Lucian E Blackwell During His Lifetime

Lucien also served at all levels of government, nearly two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, two terms in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, and four terms in the Philadelphia City Council.

He was Chairman of the Philadelphia Gas Commission. Majority Whip of City Council, Chairman of the Black Elected Officials, and United Black Ward Leaders of Philadelphia. He was appointed a Commissioner of the Delaware River Port Authority and was Chairman of the Board, St. Hill, and Associates.

Lucien was a decorated Korean War Veteran and won many Boxing Championships. He worked his way up from laborer to President of Local 1332, International Longshoreman’s Association, AFL-CIO, serving for eighteen years until he entered Congress. He retired as a thirty-year labor leader.

Lucian E Blackwell’s Journey at the End of His Life

His travels took him to various nations and he had meetings with numerous dignitaries and officials from many lands. He was head of the official delegation to welcome South African President Nelson Mandela when he visited Philadelphia.

Lucien was devoted to his family, especially his beloved wife, Jannie. His success was inspired by his deceased parents Thomas William and Mary Ellen Blackwell. Lucien further attributed his success to hard work, respect for himself and others, and an inspired, spiritually directed life.