Basic Skills

Basic Skills Skating Lessons

Basic Skating Lessons

The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program was created to be the best beginning ice-skating program in the world. It is designed to serve the needs of both recreational and competitive skaters. The curriculum keeps skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Whether they want Olympic fame or simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating, the Basic Skills Program is the place to start.

Meet the Basic Skill Instructors

2018 Basic Skills Skating Calendar

Session 2January 6th
Session 3February 17th
Session 4April 7th
Skating Show RehearsalsMay
Skating ShowJune 9th

You may register before or on the first day of each session at the Skate House. Payment of $60 per session in cash or check is accepted.

Basic Skills Classes

  • Snowplow Sam 1-3
  • Basic Skills 1-8
  • Free Skate 1-6
  • Hockey 1-4
  • Adult 1-6
  • Artistry in Motion 1-4

Upon completion of each level, the skater should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and technique to advance to the next level.