5 Best Skateboards For Kids or Beginners


5 Best Skateboards Beginners For Kids. Skateboarding has long been considered a niche hobby. But since its debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics. It has become a sport for kids around the world to try.

5 Best Skateboards For Kids or Beginners

If you have a kid who is dedicated to skateboarding. You’re probably looking for the best beginner skateboards to put under your Christmas tree. No fear! We’ll have you covered. Make your holiday shopping with deals and expert advice delivered straight to your phone.

Whether you’re looking to send them their first skateboard. Or they’re ready to upgrade to a larger one. We’ve asked the experts what to look out for when buying a skateboard.

And we’ve put together a complete list of skateboards we think are great. All axles and wheels are fully equipped and ready to go.

If you are going to give skateboard beginners for your kids. You must need to know all the information below.

What should I pay attention when buying Kids Skateboard?

We’d be missing out if we didn’t remind you to always make sure they have quality protective gear, such as skateboard-specific helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Now that you’ve taken safety off the list. these are tips for what to look out for when buying a beginner skateboard.

Wheels For Skateboards

When shopping for a kid’s skateboard, you’ll find that there are two types of wheels to choose from: hard and soft. The hard ones are made of plastic and the soft ones are made of PU (polyurethane). We’ve got some expert support, but honestly, anyone who’s ridden a skateboard more than once will tell you that soft wheels are the only way.

Think of it this way: Soft wheels are like riding on a car with quality tires. Plastic wheels are like riding on the rim of a car. Plastic wheels ensure a bumpy ride and make every maneuver difficult. Soft wheels absorb bumps in the road, providing a smoother ride, and they also allow for smoother stops and easier cornering. If you are buying a complete board (with wheels, truck, and deck), make sure you are buying a board with PU wheels.

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Skateboard Dimensions Size

We’ll tell you a secret: Marketing aside, there’s basically no difference between a kid’s skateboard and an adult skateboard. Most kids skateboards are about 6 inches wide, but to be honest, kids learn more easily on the standard wider 7.5″ skateboard.

Wider boards give them more stability and something to grow. We always recommends kids start at 7.5. They are easier to pick up and last longer.

Skateboard Decks and Surfaces

The deck is the top of the skateboard you ride. Most planks are either made of plastic or wood – mostly Canadian maple. You’ll often find “tape,” which is a sandpaper-like tape that covers the surface, on planks.

Designed to keep your feet from slipping, this tape is suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. While we definitely recommend that older kids learn to ride. If you have a younger child trying to get used to their skateboard by riding on their butt or tummy.

Keep in mind that it can be very uncomfortable and even cause some damage. For younger kids, watch out for the plastic deck – just make sure it’s constructed correctly to avoid falls.

Good Stability On The Skateboard

When kids first learn to ride a bike, it takes a little time for kids to learn how to balance on a moving board. When looking for boards, make sure you’re looking for boards that have been reviewed and described as stable and sturdy. A shaky plank can lead to a shaky journey that can be intimidating for new learners.

The Adjustability Of The Skateboard

If your child takes out their skateboard and the wheels feel wobbly or spin too fast or too slow. Know that skateboarding is a visceral sport about customization and personal feel.

Just a few adjustments with a skateboard wrench to get the right fit. A skateboard wrench is a small wrench that may or may not come with your skateboard, but it’s a must for adjustment.

Remember, tighter turns are easier to learn on the board. Once your child is comfortable and wants to try their tricks, feel free to loosen them.

Make Sure To Wear Shoes

After investing in a board, make sure your child has the right shoes. A good pair of flat sneakers are recommended. The soles of sneakers are often too thick, or their heavy contours have too much grip on the board to move easily. We love Vans, our top pick for the iconic skate shoe, but any flat sneaker will do.

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Skateboards For Kids or Beginners: 5 Best Boards

Kids skateboards and adult skateboards are not too different in how they are made or what they do. Some smaller beginner skateboards for kids might have softer bushings and wheels to help make riding easier for new skaters.

Here is the list of 5th great beginner boards for new skateboarders that will have them tearing up the gnar in no time.

A Colorful Beginner Skateboard Made Of Plastic In A Smaller Size

This is a colorful 6-inch skateboard with light up wheels. Recommended for kids or beginners.

While we maintain that it’s better to start on bigger boards, if you feel you must have a smaller board, this is the favorite of all the ones we’ve found.

Its light-up wheels and cool and funky designs make it a fun ride. The plastic deck makes it little kid friendly, and the 6” deck makes it a smaller size that’s perfectly portable for younger kids.

Cheap Skateboards Good for Speed Beginners

This Penny Board style plastic board has 5" trucks.

At a low budget, this plastic board is great for beginners. The high-quality bearings and wheels made of plastic make the board go very fast with good balance and movement.

The 5-inch trucks give kids better balance and allow them to move the board more easily, which is great for kids who want to ride their board more skillfully.

An Affordable Set Of Premium Wheels

Darkstar boards are known for their smooth ride and their durability.

Originally a skateboard wheel company, Darkstar has expanded to full boards under the guidance of skating pro Chet Thomas. Their move to complete boards has been met with great reviews.

This is another entry-level, under $100 board that Betts recommends. These completes are known for their smooth handling and durability.

Pro-Approved Affordable Skateboards

This core skateboard brand has a great reputation.

A core skateboard brand that was founded by pro-boarder Rodney Mullen, Enjoi is an affordable brand that’s recommended by those in the know. Betts says that Enjoi is a brand that he recommends to students who want a quality board with great features. 

The smooth ride of this board will make your kid feel like a pro fast. This board is also highly recommended as an upgrade if you have a kid who is showing their love for the sport but wants something more substantial as they up their game.

Beginners Will Love The Well-Balanced Skateboard That Is Ideal.

This beginner skateboard is praised for its balance.

A great beginner board that’s praised for it’s excellent balance, the 8-inch deck makes for a bigger surface for kids that are just starting out. 

Reviewers love this board for the quality wheels and its easy maneuvering. In fact, more than one reviewer has commented on this being a neighborhood favorite.

So don’t be surprised if your kid’s friends want to use this board instead of their own. This board also comes with a repair kit, if your kid is a bit accident prone.