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vertigo causes A danger that should not be overlooked

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Anyone with vertigo Don't think that just not getting enough sleep, because there are actually many causes of vertigo. It may be more dangerous than you think.

What are the symptoms of "Ban Mian"?
Everyone is probably familiar with the usual "vertigo" symptoms, but for vertigo It is a symptom of feeling that you are spinning or the environment around you can spin. In fact, there is no actual movement.

Causes of vertigo
vertigo It can be caused by many reasons. Both disorders of the body's balance system as well as other illnesses such as patients with heart arrhythmias cerebrovascular disease or diabetes, etc.

a disorder of the inner ear or brain system involved in balance
Disorders of other systems, such as the circulatory system or eyesight
Side effects from taking certain drugs
Other factors such as inadequate rest, motion sickness or seasickness

How to treat vertigo
Usually, the doctor will treat according to the cause. Treatment methods for each person are different, for example, medications may be given to eat at home. to reduce dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or balance training so that the body can balance the nervous system, stabilize, etc.

How to prevent vertigo
avoid factors that causes vertigo, such as stress, anxiety, insufficient sleep, etc.
Avoid caffeinated foods such as tea, coffee, and sodas.
Cut down on smoking and drinking alcohol.
Exercising and exercising your nerves regularly
avoid loud noise and ear impact


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