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Steps and Elements of Business Analysis: No Money, No Closed-loop Process, You Are Just an Intermediate Product Manager

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Business analysis is the underlying ability of B-side product managers to build business models and architectures Industry Email List based on business activities. This article will start from the value-added process, share the specific steps of business analysis and summarize the problems that need attention in the process, hoping to help you. The definition of business analysis Business analysis is a series of short-term strategic and tactical business justification activities. Business analytics can provide organizations with a quick assessment and roadmap to help them identify Industry Email List opportunities, plan transformation paths, and gain a competitive advantage to achieve their strategic or tactical goals. These demonstration activities include: Through research and discussion, identify, locate, and prioritize relevant areas of the problem to be solved.


Assess breakthroughs or directions for improvement in core competencies and competitiveness. Provide Industry Email List roadmaps and actionable recommendations to achieve business goals. Accelerate time to value and increase transformation possibilities. Second, the steps of business analysis Process decomposition and analysis of key activities: The core of enterprise operation is to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We can follow the business value-added process and aim to improve operational efficiency, and expand the business process and analyze key activities. Quantify business results and trace business processes: During the operation process, it is necessary Industry Email List to quantify the operation results and track some quantitative indicators of the business process to guide the adjustment of business strategies and management and control directions.


Optimization and improvement, innovative application, efficiency improvement, and team growth, and deduces and confirms the problems Industry Email List to be improved. come up with an optimization plan. After prioritization, a new round of optimization and improvement will be launched. 1. Process decomposition, analysis of key activities In many large-scale consulting projects, the company's processes are divided into five-level processes according to L0, L1, L2, L3, and L4. General IT projects can be disassembled into three-level processes, and more details can be handled in product functions (this is also the value Industry Email List of IT products). The following is a step-by-step analysis from the value-added process: In business operations, value-added activities are mainly product development, production.

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