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It Is Said That There Will Be No Red Envelope Wars Country Email List This Year. If You Really Believe It, You Will Be Naive.

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Naive humans grab red envelopes, while Tencent and Alipay grab users. Regarding red envelopes, the smell of gunpowder seems to be less strong this year. Before the Spring Festival this year, Alipay said that it would not Country Email List engage in "red envelope wars" this year. Zhang Xiaolong also stated that WeChat had withdrawn from the 2017 Country Email List Spring Festival Red Envelope War on the grounds of "completing the historical mission". Alipay and Tencent both canceled their advertising on the Spring Festival Gala early. However, if you think that the two have completely abandoned this annual battlefield this year, it is too naive. Since the advent of mobile payment, the annual red envelope battle has become a repertoire during the Spring Festival.


The main players are QQ, WeChat, Alipay, etc. From the circle of friends to send red envelopes to eliminate the frosted glass effect to see photos, to collecting five fortunes and sharing the 200 million prize pool, to AR red envelopes adding offline elements, renovating the gameplay, and paying attention to red envelopes The degree has Country Email List never been reduced. Both are secretly fighting for this. After QQ announced the concept of AR red envelopes, Alipay was the first to launch AR red envelopes in the APP. At this time, there is still a month before the Spring Festival. Tencent officially launched the AR red envelope game a month later.


The significance of AR red envelopes is that because of the introduction of geographic location variables, it can divert traffic to offline stores. During the Spring Festival, we found the promotional materials of AR Country Email List red envelopes at convenience stores and hotel front desks. Why is the offline AR red envelope better than the Spring Festival Gala advertisement? Tencent's "LBS+AR Tianjiang Red Packet" also focuses on Country Email List the merchant side, which is divided into three types: merchant red packets, star red packets and personal red packets. Based on LBS technology, cash or coupons prepared by merchants and celebrities will be distributed in millions of geographic locations across the country.


The AR red envelopes imitating Pokemon Go are easy to produce phenomenal products, because the surprise of finding red envelopes and the fun of hiding Country Email List red envelopes have greatly improved compared to the pure luck in the past. Using game-like marketing activities to promote users to send red envelopes to each other is compared to rudely. With Country Email List strong exposure in the Spring Festival Gala, the user experience has finally been improved. From this point of view, it is quite wise for Tencent and Alipay to abandon the launch of the Spring Festival Gala.

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